San Francisco Garage Doors

Maneuvering around the mandates of the city planning department and creating a unique structural design, Beausoleil Architects helped preserve the historic architecture of this Haight-Ashbury home. From Curbed SF:

Corey McMills, who’s got a background in mechanical engineering, thought of an idea to covert the walls of the bay window into door panels that would fold into the garage space to allow cars to enter. The planning department accepted it. McMills Construction teamed up with Beausoleil Architects to help with the details.

The garage allows parking for up to four cars, which is roughly enough space for 40 bicycles (see what I did there).

From Ice Tubes

2 responses to “San Francisco Garage Doors

  1. A building near me corner of Rouen and Iberville in Mtl has ground floor garages disguised by fake windows. Doors with mailboxes next to them. The only way you can tell is when the windows lift out of the way, and also the sidewalk in front is a ramp.

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