I Have Faith In My Fellow Albertans

My dad was quite capable of the odd Yogi Berra type quote and his greatest all timer was during the 1995 Quebec referendum when this Irish guy who knew all of 9 or 10 words en Francais declared, “I have faith in my fellow Frenchmen!”
I feel the same way about Canadians of all languages and cultures going in to this election. There is a political crisis in Canada with Harper and his gang of lying, cheating, incompetent Americanized bumblers threatening to destroy all the institutions that Canadians have come to take for granted, to destroy the spirit of this awesome country of strong, peaceful, tolerant people. They want to change who we are, and I don’t think we are going to give them a chance to do that. And so this hard core Montrealer. who would have a hard time living anywhere permanently that did not have the French language as a soundtrack, is going to carry on the tradition of my dad and declare, “I have faith in my fellow Albertans!”
I also have a lot of faith in my fellow Manitobans, New Brunswickers, and, Lord love em, my fellow Newfies! It really is an awesome country and I am proud to be a Canadian and intend to keep it that way. In this last week of the election reach out to someone in another province and tell them that you care, that you consider them an important part of that unique and wonderful thing the world knows simply as Canada. You don’t need words and labels to do it either, it’s a feeling, and it’s always been a good one.
On May 2 Let’s take Canada back!


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