Harper Casualties

Some pretty good people have been forced to step down because they were in the way of The Harper Agenda – It’s frightening to think what this list could look like after he would have 4-5 years to rule with absolute power.

Pat Stogran – Veteran’s Ombudsman – sacked for his criticism of poor treatment for veterans.

Chief Marty Cheliak – Director General of the Canada Firearms Program – sacked after defending the gun registry.

Munir Sheikh – head of Stats Can – resigned after the feds ignored his battle to keep the long-form census (my personal favorite and someone who should have received the Order of Canada).

Steve Sullivan – Ombudsman for Victims of Crime – tenure not renewed by government in 2010.

Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax offices of the Canadian Human Rights Commission (which together receive 70% of all signed complaints) closed.

Peter Tinsley – chair of Military Police Complaints Commission – had his tenure ended over Afghan detainee controversy.

Paul Kennedy – Chair of RCMP Public Complaints Commission – contract not renewed because of his defense of independent oversight of government and its agencies.

Robert Marleau – Information Commissioner – eventually resigned because of government blockage of relevant documents regarding the public interest.

Luc Pomerleau – public employee and whistleblower – fired for leaking a government memo showing threat to Food Inspection Agency.

Dr. Arthur Carty – Canada’s National Science Adviser to the PM – dismissed after advocating for evidentiary science policy.

Adrian Measner – President of the Canadian Wheat Board – fired because he stood in the way of the Conservative corporate-friendly agriculture agenda.

Justice Dennis O’Connor – had his report on Mahar Arar largely censored to avoid public scrutiny.

Alan Leadbeater – Second in Command at the Canadian Information Commissioner’s Office – dismissed after he criticized Harper government for reneging on promises to strengthen Access to Information laws.

Jean-Pieree Kingsely – head of Elections Canada – resigns after his charge that Harper government likely broke the law with its handling of donations to its 2005 national convention is stonewalled by the feds.

Linda Keen – President of Nuclear Safety Commission – fired after her agency orders the shutdown of the Chalk River reactor over public safety concerns.

See whole post on Liberal Glen Pearson’s page.

And thanks to the folks at Anything but Conservatives / N’importe quoi d’autre que Conservateur on Facebook for bringing this list to my attention.


2 responses to “Harper Casualties

  1. There are just so many things that should be raising red flags about Harper but he still has a chance at a majority. It’s hard to look at this list and not feel that this country is in for some very serious trouble if Harper gets his way.

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