Shit Harper Did

After months of running attack ads in preparation for an election he claims the opposition wanted, Stephen Harper now has to face the court of public opinion on social media. The truth is very simple folks – an overwhelming majority of Canadians do not support Stephen Harper and his lyin denyin gang of cheating bumblers. This sight has had 2 million hits in less than 48 hours and it’s popularity is probably a much better gauge of where Canadians are at that any of the so regular pools can ever hope to reveal. Social media kept the world in touch with Egypt even when the internet got shut down in that country and now the whole world is watching this Harper smackdown coming at ya on May 2!

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We are in grave danger of becoming the most boring western nation on the planet under Harper and these guys have brought back some sexiness into this election, brought some humour along with the facts. Elections should be about having fun and these people make me proud to be a Canadian in a way that Stephen Harper and his sad, stupid party, could never understand!

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