Tenants At 780 Saint Remi Recieve Eviction Notice

One of Montreal’s coolest neighborhoods just got some bad news.


Bailiffs delivered some harsh news to some tenants near the Turcot Interchange this weekend in the form of expropriation letters.

Last fall, Transports Quebec announced it would expropriate the 100-unit building at 780 St. Remi St. to make way for the new Turcot Interchange.

At that time, some demonstrators argued there was no need to displace the tenants, while second opposition councillor Richard Bergeron devised a plan for the Turcot that would save the building.

Demolition is still in the plans.

Tenants were told Saturday they have 15 days to appear before an administrative tribunal to discuss their compensation for the move. They must be out of their lofts by next spring or summer before the building is demolished.

“There’s only 15 days to show up in court, so that’s rushing me a little bit,” said tenant Fredrika Wellet, who spent about $10,000 renovating her loft into a fashion photography studio, where she has lived for the last year.

Some of the tenants say they attended a meeting with representatives of both Transports Quebec and the City of Montreal last fall, where they were promised help with moving and to be put at the top of the list for subsidized housing.

A spokesman for Transports Quebec told CTV Montreal that in the next few days, each tenant will be visited by an evaluator to find out what compensation they may be entitled to.

“Once I know what they’re offering – or what I could ask for – it will make it more clear,” said tenant Bruno Zinno.

7 responses to “Tenants At 780 Saint Remi Recieve Eviction Notice

  1. The quoted resident spoke of
    a meeting with representatives of both Transports Quebec and the City of Montreal last fall, where they were promised help with moving and to be put at the top of the list for subsidized housing

    I heard the same with some couple hundred others, but I do not think this is being denied to the residents.. not yet.

    There will be another public mtg wi Transp Min reps at the St Zootique Centre on Sir Geo Étienne Cartier at 19H Tues 19 Avril.

    Please help me make an up-to-date electronic mailing list for all things TURCOT. I am doing work wi the Coalition and with CEDA. Your suggestions of who to put on the list are valuable. Send to stream@videotron.ca Visit http://www.Mobilisation-Turcot.com

    Next assembly for volunteers is at 13 H at CEDA, 2515 de’l’Isle, metro Lionel Groulx.

    Other than confusion about the tenants getting assistance, I found the CTV TV coverage well done.

  2. Sorry about mentioning a ‘next meeting’ but no date. Turns out this is by invitation . . to solidify the support of the groups who signed Mobilisation-Turcot’s petition last yr.

    The 19H Tues 19 Avril at St Zootique centre (Sir Geo Étienne Cartier) will be to ask our questions of the ministry of transports reps and communicate our interests.

  3. Great. Getting out the message to more email in-boxes makes us stronger.

    The St-Henri groups (POPIR, Mobilisation-Turcot, CEDA, Village des Tanneries) have all the ducks in a row. At least when it comes to articulating why concerned people are firmly opposed to the province’s plan: turn the Southwest into a spaghetti fight by dropping Turcot on its head.

    With all the noise, the political spectacle in the fed election plus the wire-tap revelations in city hall (not to mention ALL the noisy world news), will it become an uphill fight now to spark interest in Turcot?

    The groups I named have the means to get out the message on what to do to better protect our quality-of-life here in the South-West. But it IS a coalition. Some folks think the FED election trumps all. Some think Mayor Tremblay has ‘gone too far’ by wiretapping the opposition councillors- that he must be recalled. Others see that a Turcot Xchnge wi/out the Champlain Bridge still standing is about to become total urban dystopia.

    It’s my conviction that humourless souls will find it hard to work in the coalition around Turcot. The people who always laugh to keep from crying are the glue to keep the coalition tight.

    Humourless is like the television campaign against cell phones and texting on Blackberries. It’s precisely the chattering class, speeding down the Ville Marie Xpress, texting over all the ‘hot button issues’, who are speeding toward a rear-ender with a garbage truck. Us pedestrians look on as the mess spills over into total traffic gridlock.

    I keep pinching myself. Whether individuals are right or wrong on this or that issue, our collective opposition to the bad plan (building auto-routes that increase dependence on cars) requires of us increased creativity plus vigilance to stay solid and expand the coalition. Compared to Turcot and Champlain, I look at the other stuff saying to myself ‘this too will pass.’

  4. So how, exactly, is it that I am supposed to see one of these lofts to rent later today?

    Are they just completely hustling people at this point?

  5. *sigh*

    That’s what I thought. I knew my spider sense was tingling.

    Shame, that. I’d like to get a place in the so-called “Griffentown Cultural Corridor” if I could, although it doesn’t look like much is available.

    Thanks for confirming that, White Fang.

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