Turcot Project Cost Attacked

…uh, some people are just starting to figure this out? When the Ministry of Transport of Quebec announced it’s plans for a New Turcot Interchange in 2007 the estimated cost was 1.5 Billion. After a few years of rigorous protest from almost every imaginable representative of the Montreal community, and which for a while even included Montreal’s seesawing spineless mayor, Gerald Tremblay, the MTQ went back to the drawing board, added a few shrubs, trees, and some grass bordered bicycle paths, and brought in a new estimate of 3 Billion! What does it say about you if you believe that is a reasonable rise in cost?
Also important to remember that the Champlain Bridge, certainly a member in good standing in the Turcot infrastructure family (keep in mind that the Champlain is only 1 or 2 kilometers down the road from La Verendrye, which is part of the MTQ’s Turcot plan) is probably going to have to be replaced. That the busiest bridge in Quebec is just a wee bit down the road from Quebec’s busiest interchange is not a coincidence. And, clearly, that will cost more billions. If the Champlain starts falling in the next 6 or 7 years we can add it to our total traffic nightmare scenario for the Turcot era.

Gazoo article about Turcot costs

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