Harper Will Destroy Canada

Indifference and apathy are playing a major role in this election as voters across the country are having a difficult time finding a leader that they can put their hopes on. You can’t blame people for wanting a “Messiah” type to come along and save us all from the big bad world, but the truth remains that none of us are perfect and neither are any of the leaders of our political parties. Perhaps we need to go back to the understanding that none of them would or could solve everything overnight, and while we ponder which one is the lesser of all evils, we may want to consider where the real danger lies.
Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party will destroy so much of Canada that even their supporters will regret having helped them get a majority. Do we want to even go there?
Harper is not an original, his whole political approach is directly patterned after the Republican Party in the United States. Following the American lead he wants to spend billions on new prisons as the Canadian crime rate continues to drop. While good for the construction industry (in Quebec we simply know that means at least 30% of rising costs will be overcharged/payola dollars coming out of taxpayers pockets) these new prisons will do nothing to make Canada a better place, nor will they have any affect on the crime rate whatsoever – it’s already going down. They want to keep prisoners in longer, a system that greatly hurts the probability of rehabilitation and redemption, while jamming the courts and parole boards with unnecessary hearings. These new prisons will bring huge new costs that will be paid for by the public. Sound good? And remember, under Harper, the wealthy and the corporations, just like in the US, will not be paying for any of these new services.
Harper and Co. are the only political party in the history of the country to have been found in contempt of Parliament. Quite simply, that should be enough for us all to be singing the “Hey hey, bye bye” song. But somehow we are moving towards being a country where the bad guys win, a country where you can lie, cheat, and as arrogantly as you can muster, deny doing anything wrong, and get rewarded. Rewarded for showing contempt for Parliament and the Canadian people! How the hell did we manage to get to that?
Harper has been running attack ads for months while claiming he did not want an election and brought it to a new low by questioning the life of an opposition leader’s father. I would love to see Michael Ignatieff in a one on one debate with Harper ask, “What made it okay to go after my family?” Again, this hate inducing marketing is all American stuff with a play from the Nazi propaganda machine – tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. Canadians have fought and died to prevent such things from ever becoming possible in Canada, their graves are scattered across the world.
No opposition leader in the history of this country has been more in favour of coalitions being able to defeat the government than Stephen Harper. He believed for years that it was the only way to defeat the Liberals. But now that the tables have turned, he talks like a coalition would be terrible. Given how Canadians are feeling these days a coalition government might be the most accurately democratic result we could see for this election.
Harper is useless for the protection of our environment. There will be no sustainable plans coming from them, just more favours provided for oil companies, mining companies, etc, and they will change laws to make it easier for them to rape our resources while bringing nothing of benefit to the average Canadian.
Stephen Harper is probably telling a lie as I type this. He is obsessed with absolute power and is ready to destroy Canada in order to achieve his goals.
Make sure you are registered to vote, and vote for someone else.

4 responses to “Harper Will Destroy Canada

  1. Now the sheeple have gone and given the Neo Cons a majority.

    I guess when I used to look south and think how could they have been so stupid as to give GW Bush 2 terms; now I know that Canadians are just as brain washed.

  2. it’s pathetic that this sorry excuse for a human was ever voted in a large majority, i thought canadians were smarter than that. i feel for our future, if this sociopath is left in charge. canada is no better than our friends to the south and if harper is left to do what he wants we will be worse than the U.S.

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