Been through 1000 la Gauchetiere many times but never saw the Zamboni before.

So too have I been doing a little resurfacing here with this blog in recent months trying different things as the scope expands to include federal politics, and current events such as Wisconsin or the protests in the Arab world. I still plan on sticking with local issues, but have concluded that the things that ail our city are indeed part of a widespread illness that affects cities and everyone globally. These things begin, amongst many other things, with corruption and a complete disrespect for democracy at City Hall. In Montreal, as elsewhere, there is much work to do. Gerald Tremblay, with help from Ottawa and Quebec, still has a few more years to make things even worse.
If there has been one political issue that has been with me for most of my life it is the environment. Seeing Stephen Harper appoint the suave bingo caller, Peter Kent, as Environment Minister is a total disaster for people who care about the planet we live on, our only home. They say you shouldn’t crap in your own backyard, but we have been doing it on a mega-massive scale in our front yard, in the back, and around the sides. We are running out of room as the Polar Caps melt faster than anyone had anticipated. Interesting times as our species runs hell bent into extinction, plenty of blogging material notwithstanding.
Art and music can get you through almost anything anytime, they are your friends.

Shipbreaking #13 Edward Burtynski


Blackmore’s Night


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