“Canada, we have a problem”

Toronto Star columnist Jim Travers died on Thursday but if this was the only column he ever wrote he has served his country well! And keep in mind that this was written in 2009.

An eloquent plea for democracy

“Canada today is not Africa then or now. Our wealth and health, and our communal respect for legal, civil and human rights position this favoured country on a higher plane. Still, 10 years of close observation and some 1,500 Star columns lead to an unsettling conclusion: Africa, despite popular perception, despite the Somalias and Zimbabwes, is moving in one direction, Canada in another. Read the headlines, examine the evidence, plot the trend line dots and find that as Africans — from turnaround Ghana to impoverished Malawi — struggle to strengthen their democracies, Canadians are letting theirs slip.”

Full article here.


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