Griffintown Nuit Blanche = Awesome!

Another great edition of the Griffintown Nuit Blanche, brought to you by all the good folks at the Griffintown Cultural Corridor, went down on Saturday. Around 1700 passed through the main building at New City Gas on Ann street, so it’s safe to say over 2000 people attended this wonderful event in Griffintown. Here are some pictures and please excuse the blurry as my old trusty point and shoot is being a little moody there days.

G. Scott MacLeod

Anna Nixon

Laura Duval

Kelly Thompson

Shawn Macniak

Nadine Hennely

Jeremy Gordaneer
Poet’s Corner

In the building next door was this incredible installation. Trust me, this was amazing in person as your eyes adjusted to the dark.

Urban Nerds Collective were painting these garage doors.

Les Gisèle Uppercut with Cheesecake Ninja

Ongoing art project.

Bare Bones Dance

Musicians Of The World Symphony Orchestra

Soprano Chantal Parent

When it comes to context I don’t know if I will ever see a better concert than that orchestra in New City Gas, remarkable!

Of course, there was much, much, more but I can only be in one place at a time and the ‘ol legs can’t do 12 hour shifts like they once did 🙂

So how did this year stack up against last year’s inaugural event? Impossible to compare with so much incredible stuff going on all the time. You can only wonder how they will be able to maintain the standard – the bar seems to keep getting higher, and I look forward already to next year’s edition.

Will the City of Montreal ever realize that there is already life in Griffintown? Not likely, they have too much in the way of idiotic investments to be concerned, and certainly no shame when it comes to very shoddy, not to mention suspicious, ideas about urban development. Heritage is not important at Montreal City Hall, and Mr. Payola likes it that way. Griffintown, the Griffintown of now, not some sterilized designer blight of the future, teaches us more about how cities can breathe and grow, and become, than all the pre-torchered bleckmodern condo projects on the island put together.

Thanks to all the poets who filled the rooms with their words non stop again. Special kudos to the people working the kitchen who work, work, work and serve great food with a smile! All the volunteers can take a bow. I want express a lot of gratitude to Harvey and Esther who enable this wonderful event to happen and play such an important role in the vision and creating an atmosphere that is warm and inspiring. And special thanks to Judith Bauer, who is something of a miracle worker in putting it all together, and actually makes a lot of it look easy, Thank You!

6 responses to “Griffintown Nuit Blanche = Awesome!

  1. Of course, and they have other sponsors, and are also under the guidelines of the Nuit Blanche itself, but it really does feel like an independent production and I suspect that’s a huge part of it’s success.

  2. beautiful evening ….event….people….
    great to be part of .. share..
    Thanks to ALL the organizers…New City Gas ..!!

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