“West Islanders Of The Year” Are 2 Transit Activists

From The Chronicle,
“In less than a year, the grassroots campaign for better public transportation in the West Island created by former MNA Clifford Lincoln and former director general of the CLD West Island Georges Nydam has blossomed into a veritable coalition. Train de l’Ouest now has the support of most West Island mayors and MNAs of the area and has been formally recognized by Premier Jean Charest, Minister of Transport Raymond Bachand and Minister of Finance Sam Hamad. For this reason, The Chronicle pronounces Lincoln and Nydam as the West Islanders of 2010.”

Full Story here.

Everyone in the SouthWest knows that the government’s Turcot plan is just a bad idea, but Turcot, and all the health and transit issues it covers, is also a vital link for West Islanders. It’s great to see the efforts of these two gentlemen being recognized, and hopefully it will lead to West Islanders getting more involved in the transit issues of the day!

Clifford Lincoln at Lucien L’Allier


3 responses to ““West Islanders Of The Year” Are 2 Transit Activists

  1. Well, it’s good to see that two transit activists become “West Islanders of the year” in this car-addicted area. Their motivation is a bit ironic, though:

    “I don’t have anything to gain out of this; I don’t take the train and I don’t really go downtown that much”
    “When I saw that ADM did not play by the rules, I felt betrayed, Somebody had to address that. The one thing that is missing in the West Island for our population and our companies is decent public transportation.”

  2. Well, they recognize the need for better service. The West Island has always tended to see itself as being a different, and somewhat isolated, part of Montreal and it is good to see some action that implies we are all in this together. Most car commuters only think in the short run and because of that are easily seduced by notions of new highways providing shorter drive times, which is physically impossible if you are going downtown. And if you actually could reduce the times more people would start driving and you end up with the same if not longer driving times. Sustainable transit is long term thinking and it includes all the economic factors, so perhaps some people are starting to get it?

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