A Placemaking Testimonial From Côte Saint-Luc, Montreal

Project for Public Spaces was invited by the city of Cote Saint Luc to hold a Placemaking workshop with city employees last fall. This is something that we need to do more of on Montreal Island, working with experts outside of the city who may bring some fresh ideas to the table – not to mention actually inspiring city employees. There is at least two major issues in Cote Saint Luc – Meadowbrook and the Cavendish Mall land. There is tremendous potential with these two projects alone to make Cote Saint Luc one of the most advanced, efficient, and attractive “suburbs” in the whole urban area. Let’s hope they get it right.
Story right here.
In the late 80’s I did a photography project on the City Halls of the Island of Montreal and I do recall it being very nasty on Cavendish in winter, the space between the Mall and City Hall being some kind of wind chill no man’s land corridor, so close, so far away. Perhaps it is because the talk of the Cavendish Extension for decades prevented any serious ideas about “pedestrian friendly”, or maybe it was just the times, but it does seem ironic that they are going that way now with a housing development planned for the Mall, just saying…

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