Let’s Join Forces With Other Cities – Vancouver’s Gateway Program

And take the agenda to the federal level and force the government to recognize that the fight against freeway mega projects is real, gaining momentum, and needs to be addressed at the federal level!

Vancouver has the Gateway Program, a 3 billion dollar deal that mainly focuses on keeping traffic moving. There are tons of groups opposed, including the city councils of Vancouver and Burnaby, yet the provincial government is determined to shove this outdated monster on to the general public!

But there is Gateway Sucks, a website for the movement against the Gateway Program. In a nutshell, here is their critique of the project
The Gateway Project is the most environmentally threatening highway mega-project in British Columbia’s history. It WILL affect our region’s air quality and hasten global climate change. And it WON’T reduce traffic congestion.
Sound familiar?
We need to band together in this battle and take it to the next level. Let’s force this issue on to the floor of the House of Commons and get the feds to explain to us why these outdated and harmful mega freeway projects need to be forced onto Canadians, and guzzle up their tax dollars, when there is a groundswell of opposition by both the city administrations and the people that have to live with the consequences of these projects? Let’s get to the truth!


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