4 responses to “Pimento: Richard Bergeron’s Turcot 50/50 Press Conference

  1. Is it Pinto, just me or was that the most boring ho, hum press conference so far in the debate over Turcot ?
    Unless Bergeron can marshal something of interest to real people around building an imaginary neighbourhood at the bottom of the escarpment and running a commuter electric transport thingy to Lachine (I presume this means 32nd near but below Highway 13), unless real people and not developpers get behind these fetishes of his, then I will tune out from him for the near term.
    Unless Pinto did a poor job of reporting, sounds like a number of busy people did some wheel-spinning there. Hope the food was good !
    It’s a grey day & I need more than press conference coverage . . .

  2. There are days like that for sure., heh. I wasn’t there so I can’t comment on how informative or dynamic the meeting was. It’s a tough one this whole Turcot movement, there are very dull lows accented by bursts of activity and it’s been going on for a few years now. The one thing overall I am disappointed in is that there is never enough emphasis on the Falaise being some kind of essential part of a green network. Although Turcot 375 does go in that direction…

  3. The falaise / escarpment could be a green beltway, not for human travel but for wildlife.

    Geophysically it looks like what extends to the west from the basse ville in Qu├ębec City. I don’t have the geography imprinted on my brain, but I did see photos once of a moose that made it through Ste Foy and Sillery .. hidden in bush.

    Many cities have . . or did have before the urban renewal mania, green strips reaching through them to the downtown core.

    It reminds me of the wildlife, especially heron, that browsed above the Monsanto plant to the south of that escarpment and south of the 20. Then they put in the toxic waste dump, followed by its cousin . . Walmart ! No more herons stop there, though a few make it to the Lachine Canal.

  4. Yea, and airport expansion destroyed a place where geese used to take a rest up on the Old Golf Dorval site. Granted it was an artificial lake, but near an old creek and you can bet the airport was probably a very interesting wetland area once upon a time. We bulldoze and bulldoze, but it’s all sort of like sweeping stuff under the rug, sooner or later you are going to have a much bigger issue.

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