Turcot Coalition?

Seems various groups have formed a “watchdog” committee to take a hard look at all things Turcot. If anyone has any info – remember, nobody tells me nothing, heh heh – please drop by the comment section (all I can find is a little blurb from CJAD, lol).


4 responses to “Turcot Coalition?

  1. Shawn Katz, writing for examiner(dot)com, has done a good summary of that press release in English.

    In this article mention is also made of what the opposition municipal parties here in Montreal have said and done, that is, their reactions to the $B 3 MTQ plan.



    . . . Both of Montreal’s opposition parties have said they will table motions in city council calling for the plans to be revised further or scrapped. Louise Harel’s Vision Montréal says its motion will denounce the fact that “the Transport Department has prioritized the automobile at the cost of public transit and the health and quality of life of the citizens of the Sud-Ouest (borough).” The motion will demand that Mayor Tremblay “vigorously defend” projects more in line with Montreal’s transportation plan, and call on the Quebec government to design a plan with more public transit and no expropriations (the current plan will evict tenants from four buildings in Saint-Henri).

    Projet Montréal, whose leader Richard Bergeron resigned from his post on the executive committee in protest over the province’s Turcot plan and the Mayor’s newfound support for it, will simply call on the Mayor to reject the plan outright. . .


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