Call To Action!!

Call to Action: By pen, by keyboard, by phone and in person !

It is once again time for citizens of Montreal (not just the SouthWest) to stand up and be counted, as the Quebec Government tries to ram yet another whale of a project down Montrealers’ collective throat …
For a while there it seemed that we actually convinced all of the municipal parties(?) to agree on some basic principles …
And that a consensus and shared vision of the most important aspects of any future Turcot project had been reached.
(Please read the english version of both this vision and some Questions/ Answers to help wade through the misinformation one often thrown around ).
Please remember that Projet Montreal members/ politicians are not going to be enough the turn this around without EVERYONE ‘s active support (regardless of your political affiliation)…
If you care about the health impacts upon seniors, children, pregnant women who live along high traffic roads;
if you care about the environmental toll caused by car emissions;
if you are disgusted by the narrow, (some might say complete lack of ) vision and coordination of the MTQ;
if you believe that the transportation infrastructure in the entire Greater Montreal area needs to include an electric light train /tram network to allow for reduced car dependance;
if you are offended at the idea of 100+ rental units in an historic loft building, home to over 200 people be destroyed to build another highway inside the city perimeter…
Make sure your voice is heard!

From Comite des Citoyens du Village des Tanneries


2 responses to “Call To Action!!

  1. Thank G-d it’s not just Ireland’s Government that try to railroad it’s citizens. I think politicians in all countries suffer from the lack of common sense gene. Good luck with your campaign.

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