Richard Bergeron Resigns From Executive Committee

Projet Montréal | Turcot: the full story.

Challenged by Mayor Tremblay to back the Executive Committee in supporting Quebec’s new Turcot Project –deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ by the mayor’s own admission– Richard Bergeron resigned from his Committee seat yesterday afternoon. In doing so, Bergeron followed through with the promise he made to Projet Montreal members gathered for the party’s General Council on October 30.

“I am saddened and disappointed to see the Mayor renegging his own commitment to join ranks with his old political family in Quebec”, Richard Bergeron said.  “As for Projet Montréal, we will continue to fight for a better Turcot.” The MTQ is expected to start construction towards the end of 2011.  According to international practice, that one-year period is more than enough time to design a project of which everyone will be proud.”

Full story on the link above.


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