Traffic Nightmares Only Beginning

Thanks to Kate for posting this Gazoo article about traffic issues in Montreal. Seems cab drivers are particularly fed up with traffic disruptions caused by various construction projects in and around downtown. Well, get ready, folks, cause this is only a preview of traffic nightmares to come.
It may be a few years before any work at Turcot actually infects traffic on the 20, Decarie, and the Ville Marie, but soon construction of a Super Hospital in NDG, a mere stone’s throw from Turcot, will strangle the area. A few questionable projects starting up in Griffintown are going to inevitably cause much delay going to the Victoria and Champlain bridges. And there is plenty more from small to large infrastructure projects to come. Montreal is going to be a construction zone and it ‘s going to last a few years at least. so prepare for the worst, because experience tells you that whatever they tell you, it’s going be a lot worse and last a lot longer.
We have become a city that is so incompetent at basic work, such as replacing water infrastructure on a commercial street, that you can safely predict that the lengthy delays will cause some businesses to go bankrupt. That is actually beyond incompetent, but I will let you insert your own word for it.
Can you imagine how screwed up these major planned projects are going to become?
One of the biggest reasons for this (apparent) decline is that the people of Montreal keep voting for an administration that is unable to get work done properly or put together a cohesive plan for the city. And there is zero motivation for them to change the way things are done when they have your support – it’s like saying, “Gee, only 12 businesses closed during the sidewalk replacement, that’s not too bad.” We accept this because we choose to not get involved, we become powerless, and so make choices along outdated issues that the politicians suck up like gravy. Putting Gerald Tremblay and Union Montreal back in power a year ago was a huge mistake, and the fallout is only at the beginning stages. Still, we have what we asked for.

2 responses to “Traffic Nightmares Only Beginning

  1. I think Calgary should be the case study for political reform in Canadian cities. Look at it. The stronghold of Canadian conservatism voted for a 38 year old minority Muslim from Harvard! If it can happen in Calgary…

    Nenshi won in large part because he mobilized the normally apathetic youth vote. That is what it takes. Not changing peoples’ minds about who to vote for, but convincing people who don’t normally bother with the polls to get off their asses and DO SOMETHING.

    We are a ways out from another election in Montreal, but there’s no reason to be apathetic now either. Get your friends and family and coworkers aware of the issues this city is facing. Montreal has tremendous potential to be a world leader in urban issues. With the universities and design firms in this city we have some of the best minds around ready to bring us into the 21st century. Its the politicians who are standing in the way.

    And if it takes someone chaining themselves to a bulldozer in NDG or some other sort of stunt to get people to notice what’s going on. Well maybe its time.

  2. I agree completely!

    Most people think because they pay taxes they are participating and nothing could be further from the truth, especially when almost everyone pays taxes anyway. People need to understand that their apathy is the the main source of their dissatisfaction and frustrations.

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