The Pimento Report #27: Urban Change in Montreal

Building a Super Hospital besides a Super Interchange was a poorly conceived project from the beginning with priorities so skewered that  neighborhoods and their health seemed to be at the bottom of the list. Let’s roll this over in our minds  for a moment – we are going to build what will be the only major English speaking hospital on the Island of Montreal a stone’s throw away from the busiest freeway interchange in the whole province of Quebec and construction of the two will happen simultaneously. Anyone see something wrong with that picture? Health, hospital, construction, freeway, traffic, noise, pollution, neighborhoods, seniors, children, did I mention health? I guarantee one thing and that is that you will not see any city anywhere on the planet that has even only one toe in the 21st century building a major hospital besides a major freeway. This only works if Turcot is to be demolished and not replaced, otherwise,  and I will not try to say this politely, the whole plan is just plain retarded.

So along comes Westmount with a plan to build an underground Super Arena  in the area, as if they couldn’t come up with a better idea on how to create a total traffic nightmare for local residents.

The inmates are running the Super Asylum and it’s time this madness gets derailed while there is still a chance to do some things that at least make sense.

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