Park Ex Residents Worried | Montreal Mirror

Little India U | Montreal Mirror.

“CAPE submitted a proposal to the city of Montreal to create land reserves for social housing, including co-ops. The city wasn’t interested.

“We feel that the role of a city is to take care of their citizens, in particular those who don’t have good housing,” counters Trépanier. “The choice to leave housing to private owners is a socie­tal choice, but it’s not the only option.”

The development will also eliminate one of two existing train tracks, rerouting the remaining commuter train north of the campus, along Beaumont. Only two corridors will be left between the campus and Park Ex, both for pedestrians and cyclists only: one on Bloomfield and one leading to Acadie metro.”

Read whole article at the link above.

More rail lost as Montreal flip flops like a fish out of water over all the very important transportation projects that are a) not happening  b) terribly conceived and going to happen.

It’s the same old story with profitable property development  of large scale projects being given priority over the needs of present local residents.

4 responses to “Park Ex Residents Worried | Montreal Mirror

  1. Just a note – I wrote that Mirror article and the city of Montreal is having a public consultation on the fate of the Beaumont area sometime next spring. It was originally scheduled for this fall but they pushed it back because, well, UdeM is still looking for funding. The members of CAPE say they’re planning to publicize it around Park Ex when the time comes. Keep an eye out!

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