4 Years Ago Today Concorde Overpass Fell

Sorry, but I didnt get this till late…

Dear fans of Sexy béton,

Today is the 4th anniversary of the collapse of the de la Concorde overpass. On this day, at around 12 noon, a section of the overpass fell onto Highway 19 in Laval and killed Mathieu Goyette and his pregnant girlfriend Véronique Binette, Jean-Pierre Hamel and his wife Sylive Beaudet, and his brother Gilles Hamel. 6 other people were badly injured in the incident: Mohammed Ashraff Umerthambi, Louise Bédard, Paul Cousineau, Robert Hotte, Anne Leblanc, and Claude Bastien.

As far as I can see, not one major newspaper in Montreal, nor the English CBC has mentioned this important anniversary today. Sept 30th will therefore pass Montreal by without a moment of reflection about de la Concorde.

If you receive this message today, I ask that you take a moment yourself to pause around 12 noon to remember de la Concorde: to mourn the people who lost their lives, to recognize those whose lives were forever changed, and to ask yourself if anything has REALLY changed over the past 4 years in Quebec to prevent another bridge from collapsing on our heads again.


Annabel Soutar

Sexy Beton

One response to “4 Years Ago Today Concorde Overpass Fell

  1. Thank you for reminding us of this tragic anniversary and for all the work you’ve done via Séxy Béton to bring these issues to light…

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