Il fait beau dans l’métro

Video from Projet Montreal. Have you found the Metro extra hot this year? I found it terrible during the heat waves this year. I found it was noticeably warmer one escalator down and even warmer again on the train, even when hardly full. Some stations, such as Guy-Concordia, are warmer than necessary all year round. It could be some of us are getting older and a little more cranky during heat spells, but I didn’t suddenly age 15 years in the last 24 months. This system can’t take the heat and our summers are just going to get a lot warmer before they cool off so getting an air conditioning system in now seems like a good plan. Those of you under 40 now will be very grateful for this in 20 years (wink wink)!

2 responses to “Il fait beau dans l’métro

  1. The only good thing about a New York summer is hopping onto an air-conditioned subway car from the sweltering platform. The Guy-Concordia station makes me want to vomit most days but that’s at least partly due to that rancid pizza stench that always seems to hang in the air down there as much as the heat. I’d also like it if we had some elevated lines. I love the atmosphere on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens and Brighton Beach Ave. in Brooklyn. There’s no way that’s going to happen, though. I think the powers that be are pretty set against a partially above-ground Metro.

  2. Yea, it’s a debate that goes nowhere fast – instead of just mapping everything out and seeing what works here or there, they go straight to the wheels issues and everything just stalls.

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