Fire In NDG

Came upon this around 3 on Friday afternoon, corner of Prudhomme and Sherbrooke. These buildings have been empty for 10 years from what I heard on the street. Apparently bought by an American who did not go ahead with renewal plans because of recession…

The fire was in the apartment building in the back.

Lots of firepersons on that roof.

Seems like so long ago there was actually tv “repairmen” in this world. Anyone else remember bringing your tubes in to get tested? Those machines were so “space age” cool, heh heh, used to have one in Woolworth’s.

Flames getting intense in that room.

Turned on the hoses and it was out in no time.

This all led into Friday rush hour and the ramp up from Decarie was closed.

On the way back about 2 hours later the streets were open but there was still checking it out and cleaning it up going on.

6 responses to “Fire In NDG

  1. Do you want to update your story with some accurate background information?

    If you have a reasonable attention span, and care to do a little reading, you might find it helpful and informative.

    Contact me, I’ll send you a detailed pdf if you give me an email address.

    The cluster of buildings was bought in 2007 by a despoiler, excuse me, ‘developer’ called ‘Sunrise.’ The specialize in ‘residences’ for the aged and infirm.

    They had planned to demolish the whole block and put up a “Residence pour personnes âgées, non-autonome.”

    I thought that was a cruel thing to do to anyone, especially given it was the intersection of 2 highways (15 and 138), noisy as hell, polluted and desolate, but particularly to the helpless.

    I made my case against it at the CDN NDG demolition committee meeting, July 2007.

    My opposition was met by the demolition committee’s UNANIMOUS APPROVAL to go ahead with the plans.

    Mayor Michael Applebaum was the demolition committee president. At the time, he was also a real estate agent – a man of many hats. He has since been forced to give up his real estate practice and concentrate on politics…

    Sometime thereafter, the plans quietly dematerialized and the building went back up for sale. It was resold in 2009 – to whom, I have no idea.

    It was certainly a convenient inferno.

    Want more info? Like I said, contact me and I’ll send you a detailed report.

    Once upon a time, one of those storefronts on Sherbrooke was a Steinbergs grocery.



  2. Hello

    Would you mind sending us a courtesy photo of the fire to be published in our newspaper?

    We cover news in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, where this fire occured.

    Our email address is

    (If your pics are at least 1 Mb or 300 dpi)

    Thank you.

    Marie Cicchini
    Journalist/Editor in chief
    Les Actualites CDN
    514 342-7638

  3. Hey there, again, just a little update about Gord Smith, who had his first show at the GEMST building, way back in the 20th century, and whose first commission was for the Fraser Hickson Library, and who also later had the largest commission at Expo67:


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