At Lucien L’Allier

The folks from Train de L’Ouest were handing out flyers on Tuesday at the whatchamacallit train station, you know, that little hallway on one side of the hockey arena, and asking people to sign a petition. You can sign it here.
One of the first things you see when you come up from the Metro is the raging glory of the dumbest development in the history of the city, if not the whole country – building a hockey arena between commuter lines and a fully functional classic old train station. Do you want even dumber? One suggested project would be to build a train station south of Windsor station and bend these tracks over to that location! And people wonder why Montreal can’t get it’s transportation act together – sometimes you just have to laugh…

I have to admit that while these statues of hockey heroes work well in this plaza and do tell a huge tale of past greatness on the ice, they make me miss the old Forum.

Getting the word out.

Clifford Lincoln.

I walked around this area just to see what was there, get a feel for it, the massive effort that went in to this whole project and I could only draw one surrealistic conclusion-

Like I said, sometimes you just have to laugh…

One response to “At Lucien L’Allier

  1. Some have suggested to route the trains below the stadium and connect it back to the old Windsor station. My guess is that the arena is actually like 15..20m below the ground level entrance at gauchetiere, so that would be kind of hard. And Windsor station is still not much closer to Gare Centrale, downtown or the orange line.

    Have there ever been any plans to route the train under Gauchetiere, and create an underground station between Bonaventure and Gare Centrale? If the train goes every 30 minutes in both directions, then there is no need for a depot.

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