The Earth Has A White Roof Too

Gazette article discusses a bylaw that would make white roofs mandatory in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie. Seems to me what this article really highlights is that we are so far behind in the fight against climate change – hell most people on the planet don’t even believe there needs to be a fight – that little adjustments such as this in one borough in Montreal all add up to creating, embellishing, and maintaining the illusion that we are tackling climate change in a positive manner by publicizing drops in the ocean here and there.
The Polar Caps, Earth’s metaphorical white roofs, are melting. This is an observable fact. Those huge white things on top and bottom of the planet actually reflect sunlight, and play a major role in keeping the planet’s atmosphere suitable for human life. As they melt the dark sea will start absorbing sunlight raising ocean temperatures and the air on the land. I am not a scientist, rocket or otherwise, but I get this.

It has been a hot summer, everywhere. But people refuse to make the connection – the Polar Caps are melting and the planet is getting warmer!
Instead the world is ruled by government and business leaders who see the Polar Caps melting as an opportunity to exploit the natural resources that may lay in great abundance beneath the poles. They would prefer that we continually believe that all our priorities be about The Economy, Stupid! And The Economy is the out of control beast that needs to be constantly fed, using up resources quicker than they can be replaced, while the population of the planet grows creating ever greater demand.
Do you think we might be screwed?


6 responses to “The Earth Has A White Roof Too

  1. I don’t think the white roofs in Rosemont are supposed to offset global warming. It just generally reduces the heat island effect, which in turn should reduce the amount of a/c usage – which further reduces heat generation and also noise pollution and electricity waste.

    Just stop those damn A/C units.

  2. Yea, if every roof on the planet was “green” tomorrow morning we would still be in the same situation. It’s interesting to me how we have been building less efficient roofing for generations and that doing it properly is actually becoming a law.
    And then there is the whole media thing. The Gazette is run by a group of Harper supporters who like to spoon feed the public these nice little greening stories while avoiding responsibility for the big picture. There is not a lot of free thinkers left in the mainstream media and freedom of speech would be dead if it wasn’t for the internet and people who protest in public.
    And, yes, that is also how easy it would be to shut it down!

  3. Yup we’re screwed.

    You might get the melting polar ice caps theory but I don’t: the problem with the melting ice caps theory is that the sun never gets above about 25 degrees high in the sky during the summer months and during the winter the sun is below the horizon completely for about 6 months. As a result, the polar ice caps do not reflect as much sunlight back to space as you have been lead to believe by the alarmists. It reflects only a tiny fraction of the sunlight that a glacier down around the equator does per square foot. Ice caps are too far North and South, there isn’t much sunlight getting to them in the first place.

    And also, here’s something else you might want to consider; glaciers generally don’t melt, they sublimate. This is completly different than straight melting. Glaciers can sublimate and completely vanish without the air temperature ever going above 0C. In other words, global warming can have nothing to do with glacier shrinking, yet the glacier still shrinks. Can you imagine the alarmists being concerned about glacial sublimation? Not likely, they scream glacial melting, it fools the public.

    I think you might want to read up on glaciers and what really affects them. it’s interesting stuff.

  4. I ain’t buying it, klem, sorry. The Polar Caps are massive and the melting not only does away with a shield but adds zillions of gallons of water to the oceans which will warm considerably without an icebox to regulate temperatures.
    Not sure what you mean by “alarmists”. I will facetiously suggest that as much as 98 % of scientists who don’t work for private corporations such as mining and oil companies, right wing media organizations, or certain government departments believe we are in serious trouble. I get that too.

  5. Listening to you all makes me think that the Plateau must be far south of our climate.
    Aside from this 2010, most years give us a heating season that stretches 8 months (from October to May). I only start my AC in late June as it is not required before then and even this year, I turned it off early September. That represents 3-4 months of AC.
    Does it make sense to save 3-4 months of AC related energy when the white roofs concept will increase my heating related energy cost for a longer period.
    Has anyone calculated the carbon footprint of Black roofs as compared to White roofs? What exact resources would be saved by having white roofs.
    Whsuggested the white roofs would be such a good idea? Was it the engineers who designed the original Bonaventure Expressway? For those of you unfamiliar with the original design, allow me to fill you in: When first built, the lights were installed in the walls of the roadbed. It seems someone had seen this feature on an Los Angeles freeway. Of course LA doesn’t have snow or for that matter, Québec drivers. There were also the dramatic reflectors which outlined the lane separators on the last stretch before the end of the expressway at University Street. Both of these features were innovative, attractive and dare I say exciting for the opening of Expo ’67 that summer. That winter however saw most of the reflectors being ripped out when the first snow plow cleared the road. The lights did survive that plow, but the snow piled up against the light left simply a dull glow shimering through the snow which was soon obliterated by the dirty slush which was soon to follow. Pressure from sucessive plowings destroyed many of the light fixtures and many that remained were taken out by cars and trucks slamming into the walls.
    Would it not be more prudent to test the white roof theory out against a few buildings with conventional black roofs to assess the sanity of such a by-law here in Montréal which has a climate much different than LA?

  6. Well, the Turcot Interchange had lights like that embedded in the sides and they got snowplowed out too (wink). I don’t know, Lloyd, isn’t there a lot of documentation on insulating homes available? It strikes me as odd that no one might have done their homework on this, but you have a good point – these kinds of mistakes have been done before!

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