On The 37

One of my favorite bus routes because it takes in a pretty good part of the western Southwest and Verdun, the 37 runs between Angrignon and Vendome Metros. It’s a pretty neat run for anyone who would like to see some working class diversity. One day I was going from Vendome to Verdun and decided to photograph the freeways as seen from the bus.
Walking Turcot Yards might be an actual activity from the past (maybe it’s time to change the name of this blog, or should the legend just continue in my mind? lol), but the interchange is still there, and if I see it, I am going to photograph it!

Took a few shots waiting for the bus.
Looking across the ‘ol Glen Yard where a super hospital is being built besides the largest and busiest freeway interchange in Quebec.

I think that ad tower is on Saint Jacques. There were four of these within the Turcot Interchange that were taken down in 2005. Look here. Yes, that is the South Shore in the background.

Old Train bridge as we go down The Glen into Saint Henri.

Near the Home Depot.

About to turn on to Saint Remi and Village des Tanneries.

Somehow those bolt things don’t look too reassuring.

A few years ago they built a little terminal kind of place in front of the Gadbois centre where the 37 and 36 routes cross. The building straight ahead is Muzo, a hotel for dogs and cats. The remaining half of the old De L’Eglise swivel bridge, which was basically cut in half to build Turcot, is on the right in second picture.

Going along Notre Dame Ouest.

Turning in to cross the Monk Street bridge.

Double decker buses on the Coach Canada lot.

Some not very good Graffiti.

On the Monk Street bridge (does it have an official name?).

This new building on Saint Patrick street looks converted, but fits the area very well.

Looking back at Monk street bridge in traffic.

Reverse view from earlier.

A last look as we turn on to De L’Eglise and into Ville Emard.

I like how the bus forces you to work fast, adding an almost random element to the images. I would never have made a composition like this if I were standing on the street there.

Advertising tower along the southbound 15.

Another odd view.

Close quarters.

Businesses give way to residences as we move towards Cote Saint Paul.

Is it a building or a mural?

Local watering hole. The Barina used to be along here, one of the nastiest bars in ever in Montreal.

While waiting for red light at Laurendeau.

And with only two lights to go before we would bid adieu to the freeway, my camera batteries died. I really would have liked to include a view of the Saint Remi tunnel, but maybe in another post. C’est la vie.
I highly recommend the 37 as a city tour. Allow for more than an hour for the one way trip if you are going near rush hour, and take the Metro back.


4 responses to “On The 37

  1. I love it. Your pictures give an accurate idea of what you would see from the bus, something that few people would consider too mundane. It was anything but.

    I really liked the blue mural of the woman painted on the corner of the building. What street is it on? Thanks Heather

  2. Thanks. That would be Eadie street, just off De L’Eglise. For those that are curious Hadley is the traditional street that creates the border between Ville Emard and Cote Saint Paul.

  3. Keep walking Neath! I don’t think you should change the name of the blog.
    I’d like to explore the neighborhoods along Saint Patrick between Wellington and de l’Eglise on foot. Wanna come?

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