The Lasalle Loop, Part 2

Andrew Dawson writes,
The station stops were from Highlands (Lasalle station today) as follows;

Highlands, Mile 0.0
Lafleur, Mile 0.68
Newman, Mile 0.91
Dollard, Mile 1.90
Allard, Mile 3.84(this is also where it met MTC trams, route #36)
Power Jct, Mile 4.53 (this is where the LaSalle Loop met the South Bank Branch)
Cote St.Paul, Mile 5.85 (though this was really Mile 3.8 of the South Bank Branch, connection with CN & the MTC trams # 25 & 36 on Church/de l’Eglise that is today in the shadow of the Turcot interchange)

Heading south west.

Plenty of wild flowers.

A lot of the road goes by the backs of neighborhoods like this.

On the other side is a large open chunk of land that may be getting prepared for development.

Surprising how much space is still available in Lasalle.

Can’t say if these are all guerrilla gardens and there may be some kind of “unwritten” arrangement in place.

Tree providing some shade in a garden.

One of the more elaborate gates to the countless gardens we walked by.

You would almost think you were on a country road in farm country at some points.

Andrew Dawson standing by a remnant of the rail days.

Railroad ties form the box for this tomato patch.

Overall the road was quite dry despite a few wet spots.

Another curve up ahead.

Lots of buildings with freight doors that don’t open anymore.

Looks like no one works on Saturday here.

Old hippy sitting on a dock.

Avrom Shtern’s turn.

Some kind of test pipe.

Old school signage on a closed business lot.

Hydro towers that went up after the Ice Storm in ’98. You can see more like these as far back east as the Verdun section of the Aqueduc.

Power station on the south side.

We were not the only ones following the loop that day.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

3 responses to “The Lasalle Loop, Part 2

  1. I guess before this is done I will have posted something about how this line could be useful. As I tend to say this week, stay tuned. 😛

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