Artist Nick Georgiou Recycles Paper in Tucson, Arizona

“For the most part, the artist, who was born in Queens, NY, but lives in Tucson, AZ — is able to find abandoned newspapers on the street, picking up boxes of papers that have been left out for the garbage collectors. While newspapers might take up a lot of space, the news they carry doesn’t stay fresh for too long.
All this unwanted paper is symptomatic of a larger issue — the decline of the press — which is one of Georgiou’s key themes. Alongside the corresponding renaissance in digital publishing, this thread has combined with the uncertain state of politics, the economy and the environment to inspire the sculptor’s work. Breathing new life into print, by transforming its narrative from one medium to another, was one of Georgiou’s basic reasons for working in paper.” More here.
And you can check out his blog here.

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