College de Montreal

Took a stroll through here one rainy day a few weeks ago and the first thing that really struck me was this below.

I have never been on these grounds before and would have been stumped to identify that if indeed one were to suggest that this could be a Montreal landmark of some kind. The place is much bigger than I had thought, though a fair amount of it is reserved for parking spaces.

Some old structures still being used.

In the north end you can almost get away from it all.

Though you would run into the backs of places up on Doctor Penfield.

There is a football field with very dilapidated goal posts.

Back by the main buildings.

As I was coming back a person in a parking lot/security booth told me it was private property, not for picture taking adventures, though she was very pleasant about that in the pouring rain and couldn’t wait to get back inside her booth. Said I was sorry, didn’t know that.
Near the entrance.

And here is a bonus shot from a sunny day a week later.

Incredibly, Louis Riel attended the Petit Séminaire of College de Montreal in 1858!


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