Should Cities Have “Bicycle Highways”?

Interesting article over at Treehugger. I’ve been saying for a few years now that the Turcot Interchange should not be demolished if a new interchange is built and that it should be kept as a part of the world’s greatest bike system, or be an integral part of a biking “Iron Man” competition that would attract athletes from across the globe. Lot’s of potential there and without automotive traffic the thing would last forever!

And a bonus quote from Spacing Montreal’s Jacob Larson
“I do believe the separate facility is the best,” says Jacob Larson, a researcher at McGill University who recently completed a study of Montreal’s bicycle infrastructure. “Not only in terms of actual safety performance but in terms of encouraging people who are less likely to ride their bikes. These people shouldn’t have to be some kind of breakneck radicals that are really diehards–it should be a clear and safe option, and I think separate facilities give the perception that it is, and often do provide a truly safer alternative.”

Should Cities Have “Bicycle Highways”?

2 responses to “Should Cities Have “Bicycle Highways”?

  1. I like the bike lane idea but not sure how it would work, for example, the Dorval Circle is already being configured, without knowing how Turcot, airport express train, etc. will actually end up. Kind of typical of this whole transportation saga in Montreal.

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