The Turcot Roundhouse (again)

Still my favorite picture- this one is from the 1940’s. Originally posted here.


4 responses to “The Turcot Roundhouse (again)

  1. I soooo wish they’d preserved this building. It would have made an excellent set of artist’s lofts or market or similar.

  2. Yea, I wonder what to do with the center, garden in summer, oval ice rink in winter? I am not sure how many walls there were inside but I seriously doubt each stall was walled in, wouldn’t have been practical. Those things sticking up were called smokejacks, I think. The smokestack used to stick up into it so they could run an engine while they worked on it. Must have been hot, hard, dirty work.

  3. For Kay,
    I am now a resident of the turcot yards! the building in this picture, on the left, is still preserved today and it is artist lofts@!

    780 st remi!

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