Last Train To Rigaud

June 30 is the day the last train from downtown to Rigaud will run. But it only runs once each way daily so if you want to do the trip you need to make arrangements to get a ride back, stay overnight, or drive there very early to catch the inbound morning run. It is certainly weird to see a commuter run being closed in this day and age, but I would never suggest that the transportation powers that be are any better organized than other areas of government. My good friends Avrom Shtern and Andrew Dawson and some friends made the trip earlier this month.
Leaving the Island of Montreal over Lake Of Two Mountains.


Former water tower from steam era.

Old right of way.

Bridge over the Rigaud River.

And some old timey pictures in nearby restaurant, L’Etoile de Rigaud.

And here is a letter written to the Editor.
Dear Editor,

The MTQ and the AMT should be ashamed of themselves.
They talk green but they pray at the alter of the automobile.
Buses will not cut it. Many people have been moving out to the Rigaud area with the
promise of improved commuter rail service. They will revert to old habits and will take their cars once the train ceases operation.

Most will avoid the alternative bus service like the plague as it is not as comfortable as the train.

Bus lines with large passenger loads are not as economic as a comparable train service.
While Quebec is pondering a revised development law encouraging Transit Oriented Development, (Bill 58), it is simultaneously
spending billions on highways like Autoroute 30 which encourages geometric sprawl in the Rigaud area.

Why is it that Quebec pays 100% of the cost for highways but asks local municipalities to pay an ever increasing share for commuter rail?

Should the single daily Rigaud train stop running it is imperative that the corridor be rail-banked for future rail use.

The MTQ or AMT should follow the lead of the State of New South Wales, Australia where removal of a rail line requires an Act of Parliament. As the adage says “once the track is gone it is gone forever”.

Yours Sincerely,
Avrom David Shtern,
Green Coalition Transportation Critic

They are making the trip again next week and I hope to join them!

5 responses to “Last Train To Rigaud

  1. So much History and so much equity in terms of people’s sweat and blood, yet our myopic (to put it kindly) leaders are not even smart enough to capitalize on the potential of this line.

    Great men like Van Horne and Sir John A. have every right to be ashamed of what current petty politicians have done to their legacy.

  2. When a whole 20 people take that train everyday to Rigaud, the stupid GREEN argument falls apart. 20 cars pollutes less than one train and everyone who lives in that God-forsaken wasteland owns a car already because with one public transit departure a day, living car-free is not an option once cycling season ends. I am glad that the AMT is doing what it’s doing so that fewer people fall into the trap of moving further from the city and creating more pollution and automobile growth.

  3. “God-forsaken wasteland”? Have you even been to Rigaud?

    I guess I can understand because downtown is so pretty these days. With all the decay and graffitti and such…

    If the AMT ever wanted to get serious about serving Rigaud they way they do that other Siberia, Sainte-Jerome, maybe they could have tried having more than one run a day.

    Who the hell wants a commute that starts at 6:40 in the morning and gets you home at 7 at night?

    It’s like they wanted it to fail.

  4. Actually Tim, I live in Saint-Jerome, we have a population 10 times bigger than Rigaud. However, our municipality funds bus service every half hour to the metro. Yours does nothing. That’s why the service failed. Your population does not warrant more than that one train departure. It is your municipality’s responsibility to ensure public transit for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, they are only offering two buses a day, hardly an improvement, but that’s not the fault of anyone except your government.

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