Tour Of The Village: Saturday June 5th

(And don’t forget there is a party in front of 780 Saint Remi from 1pm to 11pm)

Join Alexander Carruthers, Rosa Orlandini and local area residents on a walk around the Village des Tanneries. Come see what we are fighting to protect!

The Village des Tanneries: Living in the Shadow of Turcot

Let us take you on a tour of the small St-Henri neighborhood that’s been caught up in the center of the Turcot controversy: Scarred by industry and highway construction throughout it’s history, is this community worth saving?

Squeezed in between the CN train tracks and the 720 highway, on the western edge of St-Henri, the Village des Tanneries is a resilient community that is once again under threat. An estimated 400 residents will be displaced under the current plan to rebuild the aging Turcot Interchange.

Why all the fuss?: Growing environmental and public health concerns have been linked to air pollution due to car emissions. Community and environmental groups as well as Montreal’s public health dept have been calling on the Ministry of Transportation to rethink their outdated vision of our transportation infrastructure. Now that all municipal parties have come together in favor of a scaled down, more sustainable reconstruction project, the stage is set for a showdown between the Quebec Government and the City and Citizens of the municipality of Montreal:

Join us and learn what’s at stake on Saturday June 5th and weigh in on the future of Montreal’s future Turcot Interchange!

The walk begins at 2 pm in front of Dépanneur Lee (intersection rues Desnoyers and Cazelais) and ends approximately 1:45 hours later at the 780 photo exhibit. An electric train will be on hand for anyone with limited mobility or small children who wish to attend.
This is a repeat of the Jane’s Walk held in early May. Come for the tour, but stay for the party! The fête des voisins solidaires will take place in the parking lot of the 780. Festivities include live music, BBQ, bazar and raffle. Come prepared for fun!

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