Linda Gyulai Wins Michener Award For Water Meter Scandal Story!

Can’t say how much I feel she deserved this for Gazette series that exposed the problems with the city’s now infamous water meter contract.

I believe that this is a turning point in city politics – and maybe even local journalism! For decades Montrealers had to live with the idea that the city was probably full of corruption, but without any great evidence of irregularities it was easy to just avoid thinking about it. Now, in this time of massive infrastructure renewal and absurd mega projects (such as Griffintown), a deeper look into city affairs will probably save taxpayers at least a few billion over the next 20 years. If we can cut out the middle man, open the books on projects, have public consultations on all projects above a certain standard, eliminate developer oriented thinking, stop giving away city property, and focus on what is best for everyone, we can build an even more amazing city.

Story here.


One response to “Linda Gyulai Wins Michener Award For Water Meter Scandal Story!

  1. My congrats go out to Linda, but I can’t help the despairing feeling that in the bigger picture, all her accomplishment amounts to is one teeny little dent in the humongous wall of corruption, nepotism, incompetence, arrogance, greed, stupidity, union cock-sucking, etc. that undermines our current city and provincial administrative structures. With a thousand of her clones maybe we could light a bonfire under the asses of the politicians big enough to effect some actual change. Alas, the revolution we’re so direly in need of don’t seem to be comin’ anytime soon.

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