Art Helps With Emotions Of BP Oil Spill

I have to say I have not been paying attention to the BP Oil Spill the way I would normally follow an environmental disaster. And I find that a lot of people are doing the same from what I see around the net. It is overwhelming. After roughly 40 days the oil is still gushing. There is no longer a realistic question of saving this thing, but trying to come to terms with the inevitable devastation.The Gulf of Mexico is an enormous ecosystem to see wiped out, but that is probably what is happening. No more fish, no more pleasant coastline, no more birds, a place that will cease to have a purpose, a 21st century version of a dead sea.

Amy Giese is an artist/blogger who has created some quick pieces as a way of inevitably coping with the situation, trying to deal with the anger and other emotions. Here is her blog.


4 responses to “Art Helps With Emotions Of BP Oil Spill

  1. Good way to deal with the powerless feeling some may get. I just can’t seem to understand why it takes some much time for a decent response to these major problems, if only to set up a means to clean stuff up with a certain proficiency.


  2. This type of thing is inevitable as we have found out that there really doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge internationally. These kinds of projects should be under the most rigorous safety rules and inspections imaginable. And there needs to be very specific people who will be held responsible when things go wrong. Someone made decisions in this case, but will anyone be held accountable?

  3. Hi Neath,

    Thanks for the link!

    That dis-association is so strong because as you say, it’s not that we can solve something. It’s coming to terms with a huge loss. Occasionally, I can feel myself check-out when I start thinking about it because the scope is so all encompassing.

    I wish I felt like I could lay all the blame at the feet of BP, but we (i.e. USA) let them drill, and didn’t have regulations or contingency plans in place in case something like this happened. I’ve read somewhere else, and I agree with this idea, that in the end, the whole of humanity is responsible, and we will all face the ramifications of what we’ve done.

  4. I think your work is great!

    The analogy I am using these days is like that of second hand smoke – it doesn’t really matter that oil, or tobacco, companies are doing what they do, it’s because we are mindlessly demanding their product that encourages them onward, but the consequences are terrible, effect everyone and everything, and grieving has never brought anyone back….human beings have the capacity to be brilliant and stupid simultaneously and it makes us dangerous to ourselves and everything else.

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