Train Crossing In Saint Henri

Actually looking from Les Tanneries. You just don’t see cars and people stopped for a train in too many places in the city these days. And invoking the Old Fart Clause (means it’s my blog and I can reminisce all I want, heh heh) I will say that I can remember when going from Verdun to Downtown often meant you had to wait for a train on Atwater. As a kid it was fun and as an adult you kind of hoped you would beat it. There was no Metro in those days and at rush hour the buses were packed like sardines which could be very uncomfortable in the middle of summer. There is much more comfort and speed in the city today, but less interaction and patience.

I don’t know if there are many crossings like this left on the Island but it could make an interesting photography project.

3 responses to “Train Crossing In Saint Henri

  1. There are a good number of level crossings like this on the island still. A particularly busy one is the Westminster & Elmhurst crossings in Montreal West/NDG. During the morning and evening rush hour there are many dozen commuter trains that pass through (freight trains don’t use this track), leading to backed up traffic. Another one is Woodland on the west island, where the road crosses both the CP & CN tracks. And of course the crossing at St-Ambroise is another busy one.

  2. The Doney Spur crosses Sources Blvd south of the 40 and while it may be only one short train per day, traffic does have to stop when it goes through. Yea, must be lots.

  3. CP also has a crossing on the Adirondack Subdivision near Canora Station, (formerly Portal Heights or Mount Royal Heights) on Jean Talon in CDN. The Blainville-St Jerome
    commuter train uses that line.


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