The Village des Tanneries: Living In The Shadow of Turcot – Jane’s Walk On Sunday *CANCELLED* until May 9 at 2

Discover why this ordinary looking neighborhood, in the shadow of the Turcot Interchange, has been the subject of much controversy in 2009. Scarred by industry and highway construction throughout it’s history, is this community worth saving?
Squeezed between the CN train tracks and the 720 highway on the western edge of St-Henri, the Village des Tanneries is a resilient community that is once again under threat.
An estimated 400 residents will be displaced under the current plan to rebuild the aging Turcot Interchange. Environmental and housing groups as well as a large community of enlightened Montrealers have mobilized in opposition to the plan that would see an increase in car emissions and no firm plan for mass transit alternatives.
The walk begins at Sunday 2pm in front of Dépanneur Lee (intersection rues Desnoyers and Cazelais) and ends approximately 2 hours later in the Bikers’ Garden where refreshments will be served.
Visit our website:

Coming in June: La ‘Fête des Voisins Solidaires’ au 780 rue St-Rémi
We are seeking anyone who wants to help in making this event a success!

Contact the Citizens’ Committee Village des Tanneries

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