To City Hall, Everyone!

Word leaking on the streets tonight is that the Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQ) has rejected the city’s requests to modify the Turcot plan. Tomorrow at City Hall at 2pm the City of Montreal planned to unveil it’s alternative plan for Turcot, but it just might turn out to be a notice that the MTQ is not interested!

This is unacceptable at so many levels, yet, here we are in a situation where the people have spoken over and over and over only to have the MTQ insist that it knows what is good for Montreal. It doesn’t have a clue what is good for Montreal!

This is from the same government that believes that closing the Montreal General, the Royal Victoria, and the Children’s Hospital, and merging them all into one superhospital is a great idea. And they are going to build that hospital very, very close to the Turcot Interchange. Some parts of that hospital will be within the 200 metre danger zone from a freeway where it is considered to be very hazardous for human health, especially for children and the elderly, who will no doubt make up a large percentage of the clientele at that hospital.

The Charest government seems determined to destroy Montreal because this is the core project that will determine what kind of city Montreal will be in the 21st century. Are we going to sentence ourselves to another 50 plus years of the 1950’s, and whatever similar massive debts will come with it, or are we determined to join the rest of the world in the here and now? The MTQ’s Turcot plan is not just outdated (we must be the only city in the world that is going to increase traffic on it’s freeways while other cities opt successfully for urban boulevards) it is a huge deterrent to many, many, outstanding and intelligent projects that could potentially share part of the old Turcot Yards as part of making Montreal a great sustainable city. The MTQ has chosen to retard Montreal’s growth by making all other possibilities impossible. There are many ways to rebuild the Turcot Interchange and they have actually chosen the least practical possible one!

So it is important that there be tons of people at City Hall tomorrow afternoon to let everyone in Quebec know we are not going to let them just decide our fate for us, that we are going to fight this decision every step of the way, and let them bring their bulldozers to our feet if it need go that far! We cannot let them treat Montreal so badly, and we deserve better for what will probably inflate into a 5 billion dollar plus project, so if you care about this remarkable city, please get down to City Hall for 2pm on Wednesday afternoon!

Turcot Anouncement
Wednesday, April 21
Montreal City Hall
275, rue Notre-Dame Est


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