Big Crowd At City Hall

As many as 500 people turned out to support people with questions about Meadowbrook, The Dalhousie Corridor, Griffintown, and Turcot.

At 6 there was already a lot of people.

City Hall itself looks like a work by Cristo these days.

Transit fan Andrew Dawson.

The statue of Jean Drapeau across the street may have done a few spins with so many people with placards in front of City Hall.

It’s an interesting set up – Council sits privately and people with questions are let in one at a time and we watch it on a screen in the hall. There are about 20 rows of seating in front so there is many more people than appears here. And it is a bit weird, and easy to see how decades of city council were private, but with that many people it seems to work, plus you can cheer or boo all you want in the hall!

In response to a question about Turcot by Derek Robertson of Mobilization Turcot,
“(Read my lips), No Expropriations!”

Patrick Asch with a question regarding a greenbelt that would run from Meadowbrook to the river and cover a lot of the greater South West.

Dr. Stephen Vida raising issues about the significance of greenspace on urban health.

Sami Hakim from Griffintown wonders who is really in charge in regard to The Dalhousie Corridor.

Strong emotions flow through the room and while some feel that progress is made, others feel they may be making their last stand. It takes courage and energy to fight City Hall and I salute all these fine individuals whose efforts are making this city a better place to be!

Placards must wait outside.


9 responses to “Big Crowd At City Hall

  1. Great stuff, Ken! Good to see you at council and congratulations to all the citizens who showed up in force to put pressure on the Tremblay administration to save Meadowbrook. We in Projet Montreal are with you all the way, as Richard Bergeron’s excellent reply to one of the questions from the public, and Josée Duplessis’ efforts to press the administration on this issue, made clear.

  2. It is truly impressive to see so many people partaking in the process of democratic governance.

    In other circumstances, the overall lacking in participation is generally a root-cause of the problems that we encounter.

    Democracy is NOT only voting at election time and leaving the politicians to do their thing in-between. Rather, it is a process where active participation is required whenever there is an issue demanding attention.

    Such was the case here.

  3. GREAT JOB!!!!
    The whole southern sector of the city has issues. Great to see people from the neighbourhoods supporting each other. From Meadowbrooke through Turcot to Dalhousie / Bonaventure!!!

  4. Fantastic reporting Ken… Thank you for bringing the full flavor and context of the experience back to those of us who couldn’t be there in person.

    Your ability to summarize the issues is incredibly useful to newcomers not familiar with the details, thus educating and adding new supporters to the cause. Thank you for your diligence in this regard.

  5. Fantastic photos of a great event…an exercise in democracy!

    What was terrible to see was that there were about 100 people left outside during the first half of question period because security said the hall was over-crowded.
    This Hall fits 1000 people and there were about 400 people inside at the time.

  6. Great photos!
    Thanks so much to everyone in Plateau whose help is making this effort an island-wide affair! Alan de Sousa is still insisting we are trying to preserve a golf course, but to see how a golf course can be returned to nature, go to this link:

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