Traffic Issue At Glen Superhospital

Article by Andy Riga takes a look at some of the potential traffic issues at the Glen Superhospital site.

Photograph by: JOHN KENNEY, The Gazette

People such as Peter McQueen (pictured) have been on this topic for a few years now and it seems that very little thought has gone in to this since then. There are many intangibles with traffic and a hospital, such as West Islanders driving in like the article suggests, or all the traffic that currently goes to all the downtown hospitals being diverted there. The area is already super jammed so how can anyone actually believe that there will be any kind of smooth transition for the area? Traffic is going to get much, much worse. It really is as simple as that. And the largest freeway interchange in the province is going to get rebuilt a stone’s throw away. Something seems very wrong with that picture!


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