Clean Up For Charest In NDG

Even with the big demonstration downtown some people still showed up to boo Jean Charest at the groundbreaking ceremony for the alleged “Superhospital” to be built on the old Glen Yards site. Received these images and text from old friend Whiny Dancer. Makes ya wonder, neighborhood under siege with construction, but gets cleaned up and smoothed out for visit by the Queen of Quebec.
Here are some pics from the smaller demonstration at the newly built Kosa Art Centre, on Crowley, just near GlenYard, April 1st, 2010. Premier Charest and invited guests were there for the ground breaking ceremony in regards to the beginning of construction of the english super hospital at the site of Glen Yard.
The night before, street cleaning trucks were out in full force for a long time, cleaning and washing the streets around the quadrant where the ceremony was to be held. Amazing ! The streets were never so spanking clean.
For several weeks, much construction was being done on Crowley and Decarie, making it difficult for residents to park, and especially to walk safely around the area. Whiny D.”

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