OCPM Condemns Bonaventure Plan

The Office de Consultation Publique de Montreal (OCPM) has offically released it’s findings on the Bonaventure project and has concluded that there is not a whole lot to like about the project. While this is great news for Griffintown, it is important to see how the designers of the plan, the SHM (Societe du Havre de Montreal), will react. Will they basically ignore these findings (as the city of Montreal has a lush history of doing) and go ahead with something ridiculous like insisting that the Dalhousie Corridor be a rush hour only infringement on the city? Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and they go back to the drawing board and come up with something that actually ties in with other current transportation plans around the city and especially in the downtown core and does not rip apart a reviving heritage neighborhood.

Story here.

And the report is here (French only).

2 responses to “OCPM Condemns Bonaventure Plan

  1. You would think, but this was highly publicized. It will be difficult for the SHM to just proceed without a huge Whoaaa coming from all sides….

    @cyens yea, the Trains, Trams, And Buses, Oh My! debate will never be solved to everyone’s satisfaction. There are solid pros and cons to each one. Bottom line is we have to stop burning fossil fuels amongst many,many other things.

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