Tremblay Likes 2-22 Ste. Catherine!

He likes it so much there will be no public consultations on a project that had one very questionable bidder. Yet another project has become so perverse that you really have to wonder just what is the real payoff here? And there should be a very strict city law that any project of a certain size or that concerns any type of heritage location should automatically go to public consultations. The key to the whole thing is to make that consultation process effective. Currently, the mayor can completely ignore the findings and push a project ahead which is particularly troublesome considering the dense history of favoritism (if not out and out corruption) over contracts and contractors in this city.

However, the good folks at the Save The Main Coalition are going to hold their own consultations “on Thursday, May 6th and are calling upon residents, artists, architects and even developers to propose ideas for how the lower main can best be redeveloped. They’re open to all types of propositions.”

Story here.

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