Airport Bus To Start March 29

Story here.
It’s either going to be a good thing or will lead to delays of the High Speed Mega Whatever Train Thing they have been talking about for years. And remember to check out Turcot Yards on your way through, folks!

2 responses to “Airport Bus To Start March 29

  1. I am amazed…We’ve had public transport in the city for 50 plus years, a major airport for 50 plus years.

    They’ve started an airport shuttle now?!?!

    What took so long?

  2. Probably some nice lucrative business for people who run private shuttles has partly held things up. Or there was just too many mouths to feed to get the thing going, who knows really, but once it went into the planning stage, it just went straight to Limbo. I have said many times that the Airport To Downtown Train should be integrated into any Turcot plan, but that might make too much sense, especially if you can dangle another route, like through NDG. They could technically also say there has been bus service to the airport for a long time if you don’t mind spending twenty minutes on the 204 which connects with the Dorval bus terminal every now and then.

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