Turcot Side Effects Kicking In

Seems in the West End there is a problem for developers who bought the recently demised Motel Raphael with the idea of turning it into a two-storey hotel and strip mall. And it is the current Turcot plan that is causing the problems as that stretch of Saint Jacques/Saint Anne de Bellevue Blvd would be altered. And their spokesperson also says they knew that when they bought the property believing the plan was only “preliminary”. The spokesperson goes further and says that the project may have to become residential and the city would be asked to rezone the site. Good to know there is such flexibility for the investors! Imagine if the people living in Les Tanneries, where the current Turcot plan would require expropriations, could just say, “okay, we shall ask the city to rezone the Turcot Interchange, so we can EXPAND our residential base…”.
Story on Pages 1 and 2 here.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Turcot, the City of Westmount is not going to allow a road to be used by construction workers during the building of the Glen Superhospital, despite a suggestion by the NDG Community Council that opening that road would greatly relieve traffic congestion in the area during the construction period. Bound to be much more on this.

Story on Pages 1 and 15 here.

The Turcot Project as presented by the MTQ was clearly a flawed project that barely considered the dynamics of the areas around it that would be immediately affected, let alone the long range repercussions. And it seems risky to begin building on the Glen without knowing how the Turcot Project may change. Turcot is very complex, has no simple solutions, and needs to be completely rethought!

(Thanks to Patrick Asch for the links.)


4 responses to “Turcot Side Effects Kicking In

  1. A residential project on Blvd. Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue? What drugs are these people on and where can I get some?

    You gotta hand it to the developers for donating the motel furnishings to charity before demolishing it. That was a class move.

  2. Have you noticed the number of new construction related companies that have been cropping up along that end of the strip? They are certainly well placed to benefit from the redevelopment of Turcot and the St-Jacques strip (interesting coincidence).

    And I can certainly see why some might see the potential for condos at the top of the Falaise St-Jacques. The whole area will look completely different in twenty years.

  3. Haven’t noticed, but it does sound intriguing. I wonder if any of them have landed contracts yet, or are confidently waiting to bid?

    The MTQ plan for the Falaise would have it serving as a kind of organic noise barrier for the new freeway so condos on the edge of it might not be a good idea, though not necessarily impossible (imagines squatters living in those condos in 50 years fighting expropriations as yet another Turcot project comes along…).

    It’s very hard to say what the future will look like when the city’s “Master Plan” is just a vague document meant to satisfy voters.

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