Deja Vu

I was walking towards the Place Saint Henri Metro today when I stopped, just stood there, looked around, then followed a feeling to where I was standing on a little hill near the tracks. I became sort of flushed with this uncanny feeling that I was saying goodbye to something. A lover? A friend? Saint Henri itself?

Perhaps it’s Turcot which is just a little strip in the distance seen from here. Well, it’s been at least 5 years since I started this journey and maybe time to move on?

That crazy feeling that you can all but remember when you were feeling exactly like this, being here before, eventually subsides and gives way to thoughts of what next? What new adventure lies ahead?

6 responses to “Deja Vu

  1. I’d hate to see you give up on this blog given how “interesting” the developments of the next few years will surely be. But 5 years? That’s a lot of time and effort to put into one project, and it shows (I mean that in the good way).

    Maybe a bit of a break is in order? Until this interminable winter breaks to reveal the glory that will be spring in Montreal? Just a thought.

  2. Not giving up on the blog at all. Perhaps this is just the realization that Turcot as a site of any kind of intervention for me is over. Of course I could still photograph it from the Falaise when the work is on but that would still omit actually being down there. Just coming into some kind of a transition period and that is cool. Thanks for the kind words, Rich, it’s much appreciated.
    Of course the whole Turcot story is far from over and I will try to keep up with it.

  3. It’s funny… I too have been wrestling with a restless, soul searching, anxious feeling… Endings (or transitions?) are always hard, which is why so many of us stay stuck in a rut.

    This is perhaps a time for patience (not my strong suit) … And faith.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Neath; as always, a source of inspiration…

  4. Transitions are difficult because there is a long stretch in the middle where the past is not resolved and the future is not apparent. Can make it seem overwhelming to proceed, so we do choose to stay in the ruts where there was, at least, some safe places to hang out in. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself that this is no longer working and/or satisfying and just get up and head out the door….

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