Griffintown: Developing Culture

This is going to be a great Montreal event!

The Griffintown Cultural Corridor is proud to join with the MONTREAL HIGH LIGHTS Festival for the 7th edition of Nuit blanche à Montréal presented by Hydro-Québec. Festivities at New City Gas will begin on Saturday, February 27 at 1 p.m. and run until 2 in the morning on Sunday, February 28th.

Only rarely in the history of a city are there moments when it is possible to re-examine its values and redraw its image in a powerful and public way. This is such a moment. In light of proposed redevelopment plans for Griffintown, the old Canada Post building, the Old Port, and the Bonaventure expressway in the south-central heart of Montreal, we have a unique opportunity to look at what can and should be saved from Montreal’s historic past, and for what purposes – how best to use our legacy to shape the character and enhance the future of our city. We would like to propose the establishment of a “cultural corridor” extending along the east-west axis of this southwestern section of our city. The aim is to adapt and valorize existing sites of architectural and historic significance for the purposes of everything from community cultural events to private galleries, economuseums, arts cafés, owner-operated restaurants, an art school, artists’ studios and more. The concept includes a calèche taxi and/or shuttle that could run the length of the corridor.

In partnership with the Griffintown Horse Palace Foundation, other local organizations and the Griffintown community we invite Montrealers to come and see firsthand what we have to offer.

This is an opportunity to discover local landmarks, cultural venues, and visions of the present, past, and future at an exhibition of the Cultural Corridor envisioned for this important but long-neglected district adjacent to Old Montreal and Downtown. In the awe-inspiring setting of a hidden treasure of early industrial architecture, enjoy an array of art, dance, live music, film, discussions, poetry, performances, presentations on the Corridor and its points of cultural interest, and yes, horses:

There is going to be a lot more happening so check back for updates! # Information tables and/or displays

* Culture Montréal
* The Darling Foundry
* The Griffintown Horse Palace Foundation
* Héritage Montréal
* Griffintown Cultural Corridor
* Committee for the Sustainable Redevelopment of Griffintown
* Société d’histoire de Pointe Saint-Charles
* The Benedict Labre House

# Music

* Celtic quartet ARISAIG with Chris Crilly
* Ioana Gandrabur
* Jen Reimer & Lisa Gamble
* Levler & Crew Spinning Vinyls 11 PM to 2 AM
* Orange Pulp
* Stephen Barry and Andrew Cowan
* Soana
* et cetera.

# Presentations

* Shauna Janssen – Curating the Post-Industrial Landscape
* David Hanna – Visualizing a few blocks: The New City Gas area 100 to 140 years ago
* Matthew Barlow – Griffintown History
* Christian Roy – Du Quartier Éphémère à la Fonderie Darling
* Dinu Bumbaru – The Art of Destroying Cities
* Pierre St-Cyr – The Bomber Crash of 25th April 1944
* Juliette Patterson – The Griffintown Horse Palace
* Judith Bauer – Griffintown Cultural Corridor
* Jeff Dungen- The Sustainable Redevelopment of Griffintown
* Roland Hakim -The rehabilitation of buildings in Griffintown in a LEED perspective. 30 minutes + questions

# Poets in Poets Corner with MCs Jeffrey Mackie; Alessandra Naccarato; Colette Vidal; Monk-E; erika n. white

* Alessandra Naccarato
* Carolyn Marie Souaid
* Céline Pitre
* Colette Vidal
* Czandra
* erika n. white
* Endre Farkas
* OCiel & Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement
* Gary Townsend
* Ian Ferrier
* Jack Locke
* Janette Jorgensen
* Jeffrey Mackie
* Jim Joyce
* Judith Bauer
* Lesley Pasquin
* Louise Carson
* Lydia Lockett
* Monk-E
* Nelly Roffé
* Paris Sea
* Ralph de Smit
* Susan Dubrofsky
* Throw Poetry Collective

# Sculpture and several curated art exhibits

* Alice Zwarts
* Bev Lev
* Chan Tchen – a printmaker from Montreal and will be presenting a piece inspired by Griffintown. Using a combination of lithography and copper etching, the piece highlights various historical buildings found in Griffintown.
* Claire Salzberg – sculptural ceramics
* Therese Chabot – flower installation
* Linda Swanson – icicles installation
* Alison Loader – installation
* Jeremy Gordaneer – locomotive sculpture
* Kathleen Vaughan – textiles
* Claudia Baltazar
* Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement
* Dylan Kotanski
* Esther Hageman
* Fiona Annis, The After-Image (SwanSongs)
* Hovig
* Marisa Portolese
* Hugues Dugas, Mois de la photo
* Isabelle Hayeur has been exploring landscape issues ever since she started her art practice. Through photography, video and site-specific installation, she is investigating environmental and urbanist concerns. She mainly engage with altered landscapes, suburban areas, tourist sites and industrial architecture. She shows how our societies take over territories and adapt them to their own needs.
* Jack Dylan
* Joseph LeBel
* Ken McLaughlin
* Laura Emelianoff and Marko Timlin perform Sonic Tea, an immersive aural experience of boiling tea.
* Margaret Griffin
* Robert Trepanier – kites
* Mira Reiss
* Noreen Mallory
* Patricia Pink
* Richard-Max Tremblay
* Runhild Roeder

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