Take The Turcot Impacts Survey!

It’s on the fun side and doesn’t take very long.

How would you categorize this landscape?

How visible is the Highway?

“This survey is part of a larger initiative through Concordia University to study the impacts of various proposals for redevelopment of the Turcot Interchange. The aim of our research is to study how the different scenarios may affect the Montreal landscape, in particular the landscape of Cote St Paul.

We are a group of Masters students studying Environmental Impact Assessment at Concordia University. We are not associated with any special interest groups. Our research is academic, and we hope that it will contribute to the public participation and decision-making processes.

All information gathered here is anonymous. “


2 responses to “Take The Turcot Impacts Survey!

  1. huh, that was an interesting experience… I found all the models unattractive because they all pretty much depicted faceless boxes lining streets filled with with cars. Pretty much all of the images looked like industrial parks with more or less trees. But then when they showed us the pictures of the real live neighbourhood, I found them all pretty attractive. I wonder what they’ll make of my responses?

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