Conflict of Interest With City Coucilors?

This article in Metro yesterday implies that one third of Montreal City politicians may have other jobs that conflict with their city jobs. Is being a real estate agent a conflict with being a city councilor or a borough mayor? Why do such people have two jobs when most of the voters probably assume that the people they are voting for will be working full time on borough matters? It’s not just conflict of interest that I am concerned with, but also the ability of these people to do the job they were elected to do.

A Montreal city councillor is paid $48,851 a year plus a non-taxable stipend of $14,584 for expenses. Surely that is plenty of salary for someone who is passionate about urban issues and wants to serve the community in the best possible manner? Would you want your city councilor to be only half focused while busy with the demands of her other job? A big city like Montreal is packed with community and non profit workers who give their jobs everything they’ve got, and get paid less than half of what a possibly double jobbed city councilor is getting. Something just not right in that, folks!


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