Insane Rule Leaves Griffintown Without BAPE Hearings- 1.12 Meters Short!!!

There has to be limits of course. You can’t have publicly funded agencies holding public inquests into every pothole repair, sidewalk renewal, or the height of a new fence, but this is ridiculous. The Bonaventure/Dalhousie project will not have environmental hearings with the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environment) because it is 1.12 meters too short of being eligible!!!

You read that right. 1.12 meters! The rule states that projects have to be at least 1000 meters long to qualify for BAPE hearings.
Article here.

(Déplacement de la limite des travaux après l’audit de sécurité
Shift of the work limit after the security audit)

Why would anyone feel that this rule should be enforced when we are talking about a project that will bring 1400 buses, or more, through the zone on a daily basis? Shouldn’t there be some kind of simple leeway that allows for a BAPE hearing on a large scale project that does promise to have a strong environmental impact? Why are we so afraid to assess, and discuss, projects honestly, openly, and with full public disclosure in Montreal?

More here.

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